23 October 2007

My other mum

Nienna has had an 'other mum' for some time now but apparently this 'other mum' has now adopted Beren. This other mum is very generous with gifts, money, chocolate, icecream and many other luxury items. She also sends messages to me often via 'our' children. such as " my other mum told me to tell you that you HAVE to give me a treat everytime I ask!" (yes that was Nienna), or "BUT my other mum lets me!" when beren is denied some essential thing LOL

I tell you what, I wish this other mum would come and do some of the bloody cleaning, cooking and washing!

I am still waiting to hear about the job I interviewed for. I am so so so so so hoping that I get it.

Am also hard at it, procrastinating that is. Having said that I have now done 123 words of my essay, played with the ppt presentation a little. My assignment partner is coming over tomorrow to stay the night and we will finish it off I am sure. We present next Tuesday! She wont get here til late arvo so I am determined to do heaps of work before then. I am I am I am I am I am. This is the last thing for the year.

Lastly before I turn in for the night is this site a friend posted about this week.

Free Rice

Great site for all concerned :)

and hi to my one reader Bel! Love ya

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