18 February 2008

op shopping a tea parties

Nienna gave me the challenge of find space for eight hair bands in her hair the other day. I think I did good!!!
Yesterday she hosted a tea party for her children, the rabbit with its back to us is ChiChi (AKA Big Ted), big bird is seated with John and hippo with chichi. They are all drinking juice as you can clearly see.

Some op shopping finds. I have found heaps of bargains this past week or so but can't be bothered boring you with pics of everything so just a couple of beauties.

These shoes for Nienna, all leather and very comfy.

This is a first edition Nan Chauncy, a book about an immigrant family to Tasmania in the early 1900's. I have been finding some fabulous books lately.

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Eilleen said...

Those shoes are lovely! And how cool that you found that book!!

I laughed at Nienna's tea party. Looks very much like the parties that happen here.

and on that note... how big is Nienna now!! Wow, time flies, huh.

Kelli said...

yeah, N will be 4 in about 10 wks. It seems like yesterday she was my baby and today she was begging me to have another baby LOL

Char said...

ooh, good finds! :) Love the hair!