18 February 2008

from this to this to this

I found my dining chairs on hard rubbish three years ago. This is what they were like in their original state

I bought a discounted roll of uphostery fabric at spotlight and recovered them. I think the fabric cost me about $12 all up. Not bad!

Well, after three years they were looking decidedly grotty so I this weekend I decided to recover them again with left over fabric on the roll and they are looking as good as new once again. The old fabric I have soaking and if it cleans up ok I will sew some knitting project bags with it. I also managed to reuse all the cut tacks as well so a complete recycle. This pic is when they were originally recovered, same look but different kitchen now LOL

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Eilleen said...

wow, you re-upholstered that yourself! It looks brand new and very very professional! Well done!

Kelli said...

thanks. It is easy, my ma showed me how. The back and the seat unscrew from the frame so you just wrap it like a present basically.

Cinders xo said...

Wow! They look great Kelli!