18 February 2008


Today I posted of a swap gift. I love taking part in swaps and am often in one on Woolaholics or some other site. Ofcourse I love receiving something but more than anything I love creating for someone else. The time spent deciding what to do, then making or sourcing your item/s and then once it is posted off the anticipation of wondering if they will like it or not. I am really excited about this last one and hope my recipient receives it soon and ofcourse likes it :)
I can't post pics yet incase she visits here but will do so as soon as I know she has it :)


Eilleen said...

oh I love swaps too! I don't really participate in a lot of online ones though 'cause I don't think I'm good enough to do swaps, but I have started doing a lot of private swaps and swaps with friends IRL.

Anyway, I can't wait to see pics of what you made! I always love looking at your stuff Kelli! :D

Kelli said...

thanks eilleen and rubbish about you not being good enough!!!! maybe we should organise a swap on the consumption site. Perhaps an op shop bargain swap??

Peta said...

Swaps can be addictive! I can't wait to see what you posted off, I'm sure your recipient will love it.

Kelli said...

waiting waiting, I am sure she must have got it by now