01 March 2008

Challenge review

To set up my grocery database. I want to list my menu plans, grocery lists and prices from various supermarkets to source the cheapest places to buy our foods etc

Finish my dads birthday presents (hand knitted socks) and get several gift cards made for the

So that was my Feb challenge. How did I go?

Well I started the database and have kept it going, it includes three different fortnightly menu plans, shopping lists and price comparison list for the various supermarkets. Feel free to email kebeni3 at gmail dot com if you would like a copy.

One of the scariest things I did was to track my spending. So far it has been 10days and I am totally disgusted with myself. I knew I was shocking with money but to see it in black and white is freaky so I will have to look at ways to reduce not only costs but wastage of valuable money. When the fortnight is up I will properly assess and review.

I got my dads socks finished and we made him cards to go with them. The kids also drew a stack of pictures for him. I am part way through a hat for him. See post below regarding the hat and there is also a pic of the socks.

My challenge for MARCH ?
Gosh I am not sure. I have already spent this month trying to declutter a bit, I sorted, filed and tidied my desk, the kids clothes, the bathroom and the spare room.

I am thinking that I need to use what little cupboard space I have more effectively. I have stuff stashed in the upper shelves all over the place. I also have a stockpile of gifts and opshop finds hidden too.

OK, so my challenge will be to sort the the nether regions of cupboard land and make sense of it all. I have in the past bought presents for people and stashed them and promptly forgotten about them until I am wrapping the new ones.

The gift list goes on ofcourse. Thus far is:

Dad - socks done and sent, hat nearly done
Lola - first birthday so thinking something knitted as winter is coming up.
Nienna - "you never knit me anything mum!" some socks and a kimono top, ballet tutu
Kirsty - I know what but won't put it here incase she looks
Aunty Pat - almost finished wavy scarf
Charlton - 1st birthday, hat and a toy , thinking finger puppets or veggies or an applique cloth book
Harrison - thinking a game of checkers made from fabric that zips up into a bag for the pieces.
Beren - considering a teepee made from fabric and bamboo sticks for inside. Maybe a headdress to go with it
Mum - some cargo type pants

Before the desk clean up

After the desk clean


Cinders xo said...

Oh I know what you mean! It's so HUGE isn't it!! I looked in the top of my wardrobe last night.... I really need to cull whatever it is hiding up there.

D xo

Tanja said...

Well done of the Feb challenge, and I can't wait to see how you go with March.
I think your desk looks fab now! I bet it's heaps easier to use. Hmmm, please don't look at the current state of my desk, LOL!

Kelli said...

unfortunately it returns to the original state all too fast. Must do a quick tidy up today as I dumped all my uni stuff out of my bag yesterday onto my desk.