03 March 2008

frugal; not frugal; frugal again

I made up some new cloth pads this weekend. They still need some snaps attached. Yes, it is Thomas but I wanted to use up scrap PUL that was sent to me by a friend. I believe I will be bleeding on pooh bear and strawberry shortcake too. hmmm, message in that I am sure LOL

This is the not frugal part. I know I wasn't buying new but..........$12 for the lot at Box Hill Spotlight. You can't say no to that surely. They had big bins with 50% of discounted price. The paints were $1ea,Magazine $2, cleckheaton country 50c ea and the cotton yarn was $5 for the lot. Pretty good I reckon and none will go to waste.

Scored this at the Knox Op Shop in Bayswater last week. Well, actually got 4 items for $2. Nienna is now ready for winter with some long sleeve tops bought from Hand Me Downs last week and a couple of pinnies. She will need new tights but I will go to HMD to get those too. Along with these pinnies I got a pumpkin patch swing top and a pair of striped leggings (in the wash). These are like new! Both my kids are now decked out for winter and I haven't had to buy anything new. Beren got a windcheater and track pants from the clothing pool for school and I will keep my eye out for more.

you don't have to spend money to entertain. Yesterday I made potato stamps and the kids had a ball outside with their paints making pictures on large sheets of paper. These in turn will be great wrapping paper for gifts.


R2K said...

: )

mummabare said...

oh this is fun...we did this before christmas, green stars...its not nearly as messy as I thought it would be :)

Tanja said...

I won't comment on the wool purchase, except to ask what you were doing in spotlight in the first place! LOL!

Which pattern did you use for the pads? I'm in the midst of making pads at the moment, and looking for good free patterns. Are they comfy?

Kelli said...

I just traced around one of the pads I really like that I have and then I actually extended it to make it a bit longer. they are comfy enough.

I don't know what happened that I ended up in spotlight, just blinked and I was there. I am thinking I best not post about todays outing then LOL