16 March 2008

March challenge completed!

Yup, I did it!!! I have emptied, sorted, 'chucked' and moved the contents of every cupboard/wardrobe in this house (excluding kitchen). I had bits and bobs shoved in every available space but no real idea of what I had (makes sense to me).
When I see things at op shops/garage sales/freecycle that I think will make a great gift or be good for the kids 'later' I usually grab it and stash it. I have had times however when I have hit christmas to discover that I have 3 items for each person etc Not wise shopping even if it is 2nd hand. So I have now moved stuff around and devoted one area to gifts and taken a mental note of what is there, including the fact that I dont' need to buy for the kids for birthdays or xmas this year. For others at xmas I will be giving Oxfam Unwrapped and recommend it to other also. The kids will get one token gift and I will also do oxfam for them too. they don't need anything and either do I really.

I freecycled a ton of stuff and was really quite ruthless and wow it felt good. While I was on a role I also gave the house a spring clean and moved the loungeroom furniture around. I wanted to make a space for the kids to play without anyone actually breaking the ankle or neck on blocks etc so I made the far end of the lounge their space. this will be good for winter too as it is near the floor duct and will be a nice cosy corner. The rest of the lounge doesn't really get used much as we don't watch alot of tv
Anyway, feels better and now I have to think of some challenges for April. I am open to suggestions folks!

From the study area end, kids space is at end and the large wicker trunk now holds baskets of blogs, trains etc
Looking out towards the study area from the windows end.


Tanja said...

Nice work. So, whatcha gonna do for the rest of the month? Come over to my place and help me get some sewing done??? Hehehe!

ColdCloth said...

Wow!! That looks great!! Well done!

laughing purple goldfish said...

you must feel like a new woman... how liberating! inspires me to do the same :)

Kelli said...

tanja, happy to come help LOL

It does feel good to have a good clean up and throw out. School hols have just started here so not sure how long it will last LOL