16 March 2008


I am a busy girl this year study wise. I am completing my Diploma of Community Development but I am also doing a Diploma of Sustainability. I had the first in class session on Friday and loved it. I feel really positive about it and think it will be such a learning experience. I think there are around 120 students doing the course and we are divided up into eight groups. We have 12 sessions in class and the rest is online, including all assessments. Already I have learnt stuff I didn't know and look forward to learning more. I mean, I know how to recycle and to reuse etc etc and obviously have a passion for avoiding 'affluenza' but there is so much more to learn especially on the broader scale of business, commerce and technical stuff. My teacher is Chris Alenson who from googling his name appears to be a pretty well respected and knowledgeable fella in ag circles. I liked him and really felt his passion when he spoke. I think his classes will be very interesting.

Couple of good links for you to look at when you have some time. The first is a site to measure your ecological footprint. There are two tests you can take, the first is a quick one and the second is a bit more comprehensive and breaks down your answers into specifics.

The Second is a home water investigator. This is done in partnership with Melbourne water but I am sure it is okay to use anywhere in Australia. It also takes a comprehensive look at where we use water and how much.

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