06 May 2008

Goodbye Stroppie

Our family dog, Strop died this morning at 8am. He had been 'not right' for a couple of weeks but my mum and dad didn't quite know what was wrong. He had a rash and the vet couldn't work out what was wrong either. Last night he was having trouble breathing and then this morning he passed away, laying in his fave spot in the sun with mum and dad by his side. It is very sad and he will be greatly missed. Poor mum used to walk with him at sparrows fart every morning and dad would take him up the bush with him.

Here he is at Christmas time with the kids and my dad

Wanting a scratch on the head

This one is a couple of years old but I like it. Gosh he was a wonderful creature. Very gentle and loving. He would sing and he also loved to just stand next to you put his paw up and hold hands


Kez said...

{{HUGS}} He looks like a happy life.

Deb said...

Love and condolences to you and your family. Sounds like he has had a wonderful life as a member of your family.
Our eldest canine family member is heading towards 9 this year and i can't imagine life without her.

Char said...

poor lil bloke. hugs to him, and you..

Shona said...

Oh Kelli, I am so sorry. He sounds like one of the family. Take care of yourself and let yourself grieve for him. :(

Kelli said...

Thankyou all for the kind words. Shona he really was part of the family. I was trying to work out how old he is and it would be over ten. He was a working dog that my brother bought home then left LOL (the second one!)
I had to tell the kids last night and they were devastated. All day today Nienna has been telling me she misses Stroppie. Very sad

mummabare said...

We lost a family dog not long ago. I found it helpful to talk about the animals spirit and where it had gone, how she was still with us.

Much love to your family, they really are precious creatures arent they.