04 May 2008

April round up and May challenge

Okay, we dun good!!!!

For the April challenge I decided to reduce outgoing wastage. We have done pretty good. Mind you the worms think it is Christmas LOL
This was at the start of April:
Yellow bin small(general rubbish) - 1/2 full
Red bin large (green/garden waste) - full (lawn clippings etc)
Blue bin large(recycling) - not put out this week.

At the end of April:
Yellow bin small(general rubbish) - 2 small shopping bags of garbage on average
Red bin large (green/garden waste) - depends on what I have done in the garden
Blue bin large(recycling) - 3/4 full for the month

I would say that wasn't too bad. I took a look at what was thrown in the yellow and could be 1 re-used or 2 recycled and that certainly helped. Donating recyclables to the school art department helped too and was greatly appreciated.

To read up more on how to reduce your waste take a look at this site Rubbish Free Year, it is a New Zealand couple but relevant to anyone who wants to make a difference.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I had ditched the gladwrap. Well, it has been about 2 months now and I am cruising. I have even gone no foil now and haven't missed either. People as what I use so here are some tips:

Containers for left overs or bowls with a plate on top. Reusable containers for snacks etc in lunch boxes. I also use any paper bags I have kept to be reused for sandwiches or similar andI do use greaseproof paper at times (and reuse it if I can again and again).

I have been a bit slow to post for May challenge as I had a tough time deciding what to do. Well, I have finally come up with one. I am going to have a NO BUYING month. Well as no buying as I can, obviously I will need to buy some things, so the allowable items are:

Cat food (fresh meat)
Medical supplies if needed
Dairy/soy yoghurt etc

Unless something is a dire emergency I will make use of what I have stockpiled. The freezer is chockers so I need to use some of the stuff in it and I am pretty good at stockpiling and buying things on special etc so Ithink we will make do. I will not buy op shop, 2nd hand or any other unnecessary items and I will post what I do buy.

Wish me luck!

Oooh,my friend from Spiral Garden posted about this site. You can make a difference by using energy efficient lightbulbs as we all know. But did you know you can score yourself a couple of freebies! Just go to this site and sign up and they will post two out to you.

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