01 May 2008

Hand made gifts

Have been flat out and not had a lot of time for blogging etc. Right now I should be starting an essay or working on one of the several assignments but hey..........they're not going anywhere.

So here are some things I have been doing when I get a chance. My little nephew turned one the other week. They live on the West Coast of Tasmania where it gets brutally cold in the winter (often snows) so I thought I would make him something snuggly and warm. The slippers have little stars on them and the matching hat, being modelled by Nienna fit perfectly and were both a hit.

This is the carpet bag Iam working on. Finally I have got it happening, although it is on the backburner while I knit a top for my mum for mothers day.

Just thought I would throw this one in. It is Tamari trying to burn holes in the aquarium with his eyes LOL Poor tormented soul that he is

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