08 June 2008


I have a really lovely neighbour. We have been here for close to 18mths now and we have really only said hi in passing or had a brief chat when we have gone over to retrieve a ball from over the fence etc
I knew she was ill and taht she was having treatment for some kind of cancer but figured she was pretty mobile and out and about so it mustn't be too drastic.
Last week I noticed that her daughter seemed to be around quite a bit and then I saw her in the car and OMG!! She had just faded away and aged a decade I guess. The next time I saw her daughter I went over and said if there was anything I could do as I guessed her mum was having a rough trot. She told me that she is at the end, they think probably only a month or so. She had had an extra three years on what they said when she was diagnosed. I was dumbfounded, the are all pretty positive and the son has come over from Japan to spend time with her. Her daughter said it is now time for them to all enjoy each others company and be as close as possible. They are concerned because J is not eating and has lost so much weight. I have been cooking extra when I make soup or similar and taking it over and today when I took a pot of soup over she gave me some free range eggs her sister and bought up for her. I cry as I write this, not sure why as I hardly know her but I know she is a lovely person and I am so pissed off that I didn't take the time 18 months ago to say hello more and get to know her more. What is it with 'suburbia' that we nod occasionally and then say we know our neighbours? I want to KNOW my neighbours, I want to pop in for a cuppa or have a chat over the back fence. I want to send the kids over with extra carrots from the garden or find a pumpkin on my doorstep. I don't wan tthis anonymous, faceless world anymore. I want change.


HipbubbyMama said...

Oh that is so sad :( I agree it would be nice to know our neighbours a bit more. I know 2 of mine to wave and say 'hi' to but that's about it.

jakaluma said...

Isn't it so sad? We "respect" privacy so much that we forget to get to know our neighbours.

Char said...

((hugs)) hon.. that really sucks. I am pleased she has loving people and family around her, though..

Susan said...

Oh that is sad kelli!

So many people dont know their neighbours. Most houses we have lived in over the years we've known them on a 'hi' basis only or a 'wave' basis, occasionally in the past we have become friendly with one or two, usually elderly funny enough!

Though where we bought was in a court/cul de sac and we know all our neighbours. we do coffees, give cakes, I share my eggs formt he chooks and excess vegies, in return I know I can ask for a cup of flour, a cup of mik or some herbs I am missing when cooking, or handy manhelp or borrowing of tools, its lovely. It does have it pitfalls at times, it can be a bit ramsay street at times with gossip but the good far outweighs that.