10 June 2008


Had this bizarre thought this morning after doing little people drop off. Not sure why it came into my head but I started thinking about reincarnation, which I believe is plausible. However, I am now wondering if we always come back in chronological order? I mean, if I died today can I only come back in the future ORRRRRRRRRR is every lifetime a parallel lifetime meaning we could come back in the past? One of my all time favourite books is called The Time Travellers Wife.
Now it isn't reincarnation but a strange sort of time travel but represents what I am thinking,. WDYT?

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Eilleen said...

hmmm... never of thought of reincarnation in terms of time. You know what, I think it might be possible! Going from Buddhist thought - if time is an illusion, then it is logical to think of the flow of time as an illusion. Ergo, reincarnation can happen at any point of time.