11 June 2008

hair cuts, fashion and gifts

Gave the girl child a hair cut the other night, looks much tidier and thicker now. I think it suits her when it is bobbed

We are finishing up with our FDC lady. I am not happy about it and feel really sad that the mighty $ governs so many of my decisions at the moment. The kids did cards and drawings for her and I made her a pair of wristers and a card. We had morning tea with her this morning at drop off and she is also quite teary and sad about it.

And yes, she does choose her clothes in the morning. I had to take this pic this morning because I do believe she has reached a whole new level in the fashion stakes. Oh, and yes they are swimming goggles on her head :) I do believe she gets her fashion sense from me :)
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Char said...

what a lovely idea for the FDC mum. I dont quite know what I will do for S when we leave in 6 mos!

N's hair looks really good - the bob suits her. As does the fashion ;)

Eilleen said...

N looks so grown up now! Love the haircut.

And I'm so sorry about you guys having to leave FDC mum. Your pressies to her are just beautiful and so thoughtful.