16 June 2008

Shameless Brag

Tonight Beren read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to us as a bed time story. The other night he read a book called Whatever by William Bee. Not bad considering he couldn't read 5 months ago. I took the second book to school so he could show his teacher because I really don't think she believed it when I kept saying he needed to go up levels in readers. He was on a level 2 and was getting very bored with them. That night he came home with a level 7 LOL He is cruising along and really enjoying that he can sit and read something now. He is so clever :)
BTW, Whatever is a great book for kids


Eilleen said...

oh yay Beren! Welcome to a wonderful new world.

What an amazing time for all of you Kelli. You must be so proud.

Char said...

that's great :) he's a smart lil fella!