04 July 2008

Beat this Silverchair!!!!

Beren made this Diorama at school. They studied the ocean last semester

String bag
Butter wouldn't melt in the little loves mouth if you take this picture at face value. Let me tell you there is the spirit of a demon inside this little ones body! DON"T BE FOOLED!!


Eilleen said...

Beren is so clever!

And how clever are you?! (I assume it was you who made that fantastic string bag).

And I don't believe you - every pic of N shows her to be a very sweet child. :)

Kebeni said...

be afraid Eilleen, be very afraid LOL

Yes, I knitted the bag. It is actually made from home spun yarn that was given to me as it was too coarse to do much with. It has been dyed with eucalyptus leaves and I just used a pattern off ravelry for the lace stitch but changed the style quite a bit.