05 July 2008

Half yearly round up

yup, you read it right, we are half way through the year folks. Can you believe it! I wonder where it has gone and look back at sooooo many days I can't account for LOL

On reflection I don't think I have done too badly in my challenge.

My rules for this challenge are:

1. I can buy underwear, toiletries, food, medicines new. ETA regarding toiletries this means things like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes etc. I don't buy sanitary items as I use cloth and I must admit to a great pleasure in walking straight past that aisle at the supermarket :)

2. Clothing is sourced from 2nd hand shops, opshops, freecycle or made. The only new clothing I have bought has been underwear and I also bought some new pyjamas and underwear for Nienna on behalf of my mother for Nienna's birthday.

3. Fabrics are from my already massive stash or opshops, as is yarn. This has been my downfall. I have bought some yarn new because it was discounted so greatly. For the most part though my yarn indulgences have been from op shops and buying second hand off ravelry

4. All gifts/cards etc will be handmade or second hand Easy peasy, and the kids love it too

5. Unless something is desperately needed and I can't find 2nd hand or freecycle then I will consider purchasing new IE washing machine/fridge etc Haven't needed to buy anything.

6. I am menu planning and currently devising a shopping plan that is more economical for our groceries. Have stuck to basic menu planning and have found not much difference in cost due to the constant price rises

7. I am consolidating debts and creating a budget that will allow me to trade my car in for a smaller more economical one Still working on this. I have consolidated debts but am still working on the new car.

8. I am decluttering, what I don't need I am passing on. An ongoing exercise

9. I am teaching and including my children in all of the above so they will be 'aware' I think they are slowly getting it

10. I am slowly converting things over to more permanent solutions. By this I mean that instead of plastic in my cupboards I am almost all glass. Once I can afford it I will buy each of the children SIGG drink bottles as they are longer lasting and healthier than plastic ones. I already have a katmandu travel one. still getting there. The kids still don't have a sigg bottle but hey, I still don't have money!

So, just what have I bought new?

$50 yarn at kmart sale
$70 at spotlight sale
$50 at local yarn shops on sale.
$19 on two books at discount store. One was a knitting pattern book and the other a sewing book.
$10 5 x plastic shoe boxes for yarn

That is it folks! I am pretty pleased with myself but I do realise I have a slight yarn addiction and don't really NEED any more, however nearly all the gifts I give are made from yarn so it is put to good use.

I haven't set a monthly challenge for next month really. I do have Beren's sixth birthday party and we will have 8 guests of the boy variety (bit scared) and I really really want to do it without buying new. This will be a challenge as he wants a whizz bang superhero party and I am not sure how I will go. I have taken the idea from a fellow blogger and decided the gift bags will actually be dinosaur eggs made from paper mache and I will put the little bits and bobs inside them. But, as for the rest.........well I will have to get the thinking cap on as it is 2 wks away~!


kym said...

Well done!

I avoid shopping though online shopping is so easy and tempting.

Bohemian Hippie Chick said...

This year is going by entirely too fast, I think there are 2 months that I can't account for! LOL ;-)

Good job with your monthly challenge...that sounds like something that I should start doing. Saving money is always a good thing.

-Bohemian Chick

Kebeni said...

The year is super fast, it really is true that the older you get the faster it goes. A great reason to value every second.

Eilleen said...

Well done K! It has gone so fast hasn't it?

Another thing you might want to put in B's gift bag are those origami puzzle things (what do you call it again?) in them. You know the ones with the numbers on the outside, you choose a number, then manipulate it and inside are other numbers etc and then you open it and there's a saying or a picture inside them. AUGH - now its bothering me re: what its called. I hope you get what I mean.