27 August 2008

Putting it out there......

I am in love with the Moosewood Cookbooks. I want the original 1977 issue or the New moosewood Cookbook which has the same recipes plus extras and modifications
I have looked on ebay and the only 2nd hand is from USA and I don't want to buy from there. I would prefer to source it in Aust or NZ.

All you readers out there; PLEASE PLEASE keep your eyes open in opshops, markets and 2nd hand shops for me. If you stumble apon a copy could you please grab it and let me know and I will pay for the book and postage.

There has to be a copy of both out there somewhere for me,. Any other of the books by Mollie Katzen would be a bonus

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missfee said...


I have only just given mine away!!!!!!

they were very popular a few years back I am sure they are out there. Good luck with the search and I will keep my eyes peeled.....