26 August 2008


Well today is the last day of study for my Diploma of Sustainability. I have a final presentation this afternoon to talk about the behaviour change project (worm farm) and then that is it. Strange course and I can't say it has been riveting but it has prompted me to look at my own habits etc I guess my focal points those highlighted in the book Affluenza and I truly believe that if we took more care with our consumerism then a lot of problems would be solved.

Anyway, some links of interest for you all:

This is THE game to play atm, the ABC Catchment Detox game. Have a go and let us know how you did!

I can't remember where this one came from but it is great. Apologies if it is from your blog and I haven't mentioned you. An article on the loss of the corner store

Something we looked at quite a bit is green washing. Something that is sadly too common in small and large business.

An interesting one about eating green and what sort of impact your dining habits have on the earth

This is a great one about food miles

Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! site that gives loads of tips about lightening your footprint and costs as a family

I am also aware that I have been a bit slack with blogging my consumer challenge. I haven't forgotten and will update July/August as soon as I get this load of assignments (yes, should be doing them now ) out of the way. Still doing ok though!

Anyway have fun and enjoy reading.


Eilleen said...

what great links Kelli! Thank you sooo much!

Bel said...

Great links Kelli, thank you!

Congratulations on finishing your final day of study! xx

Kebeni said...

You are most welcome.

Thanks Bel, 3mths to go and my Diploma of Community Development will be finished to. Ready to do a Batchelor of Social Work or Social Sciences next year LOL
Glutton for punishment is me