08 September 2008

spoilt mama

I am spoilt. The lovely Char knitted me my very own pair of socks for my birthday. They are divine and I am truly in love with them. She also did a little yarn bag so I can knit while walking (cos we all know how much walking I do LOLOLOLOL). I feel so blessed to have such lovely friends.

My mum and dad sent a book and a gift voucher and they also sent a present from the children to me; a new wooden hair brush that I had been oohing and aahing over and a cute salt and pepper shaker that is a bride and groom. The card from the kids was written in by them and it said " we love you mama cos you are warm in bed" I nearly cried.

The not so spoilt part of the day is this afternoon when I have to give a presentation at Uni but all is good otherwise.




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I threw this last pic in cos they are cute. Tamari (black) was actually giving Metta an ear wash and also making sure she wasn't going anywhere LOL


Char said...

OMG they fit like... uh... socks!!! YAY!!! :D I am so stoked you like em :) Happy birthday lovey :)


Ruth said...

I love the socks... Your were really blessed on your birthday! The cats are so adorable!

Ruth xx