10 September 2008


I love spring. It is my very favourite time of year, followed by Autumn, Winter then the least favourite is Summer.

We have a small patch of colour in the back yard. I moved all the planter pots into the shade thinking everything in them had died as not much came up last spring. Lo and behold we have had a feast of colour. They must prefer the shadier area and it is so pretty. The violets grow right along the fence and are gorgeous. The smell of violets is divine and second only to Daphne.

Gorgeous day here today, coolish but very blue and sunny. Smiling weather :)




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Donna xo said...

OMG they all look so beautiful!

You're having waayyyyy more luck than I am with the flowers this spring! I have to take some pics to show my progress on saving my garden LOL

Ruth said...

Wow! Your flowers in pots are beautiful. I'm sure they bring you much joy :-)

Ruth xx