28 October 2008

Horizontal Stripes

I saw this on a lovely friends blog today and it also bought tears to my eyes. I am of the generation that grew up being told not to wear horizontal stripes and that I should be ashamed of my body.

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mrsnormal said...

Hello Kebeni

Better yet - or at least cheering - is the recent revelation that vertical stripes don't make you look thin anyhow. just like a lawn chair.

I gather you linked to Mrs Norma, for which many thanks though cannot immediately see the link on your page.

But I really like it, especially the knitting. There was some cool user-generated-knitting in a cafe I went to last week. Everybody who wanted to just picked up the needles and joined in. I rely on my big sister so far, but if ever I develop a habit of sitting in comfy chairs, knitting will definitely happen.

Sheila Hayman