26 October 2008


they made scones at Nienna's creche on Tuesday so she has been nagging me to let her make some at home.
She even told me the recipe and how to do it!
Very simple recipe that I have not done before and it is super easy and OMG! These were the best scones I have ever tasted!


2 cups SR Flour
3/4cup cream
3/4cup lemonade

Mix cream and lemonade together then add to flour. Mix gently then turn out onto floured bench and press until dough is about 2-3cm thick. Cut into scone shapes and place on greased tray close together so they touch. Brush with milk.

Cook in preheated oven at 230c for around 13min depending on your oven

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HPD said...

Damn. They look good! Next time bring some this way!

Angry African

Kebeni said...

Well, when next in Melbourne....