13 November 2008

Christmas preparations

Been making a start on Christmas presents.
.The first is a scarf for Beren's teacher, she loves red and scarves so it is a no brainer really . This is the
zigzag scarf pattern and very easy.

The grrlfriends Market bag. Again a fast and easy pattern but NEVER AGAIN will I knit up recycled sari silk, what a total pain in the arse! Catches and twists up on itself something shocking. I like these bags though as they expand to fit loads in them. This is an over the body type style with longer handle and is for the prep teacher aide.
What a goof bag modeling a crochet hat I designed and still yet to add embelishments to purdy it up

A soap bag. Made from cotton and designed to hold soap then use as a washcloth in the shower/bath. knitted then added crochet flowers to make it purdy. My friend Char is going to do a batch of yummy home made soaps to add to it. This is for the other prep teacher.
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