12 November 2008

poor moggy

My poor hissy boy ‘Tamari’ is in surgery :(

He had been poorly since last night and vomitting on and off for past 24hrs or so. Was getting worse so I took him into vet at 7 tonight. little shit has swallowed cotton and caused intestinal bleeding! He has a bit of a fettish for tinsel, hair bands, elastic, cotton etc so I am very careful of leaving it around, knowing how dangerous it is and I accidently locked him in the sewing room yesterday, he must have thought all his christmases had come at once. Bet he doesn’t now! The vet quoted $800-$1000 and I promptly burst into tears and told him that I couldn’t pay it. He was such a sweetie and obviously knew that I was controlled by the said feline that he reduced it to $700 on payment plan. I love the man. As much as we complain about the feline we would all be devastated if we lost him. Hopefully he will be home after the weekend.

As for me. Had a double B12 shot today and hope it helps. Also having some blood tests done that are well overdue. My pain levels have dropped considerably but I have been given some new pain meds to try. I am not as tired as I was so the past 2wks of R&R have certainly helped. Still needing a nana nap most arvos though. Doesn' t help that it has been over 30c this last two days and is still 28c. YUKKO!!!! Meant to be hot again tomorrow with late storms WOOHOO!!! Love a good storm.

Have to make a booster seat cover for the little miss tomorrow and a mermaid tail. Hmmmm

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belinda said...

I have my fingers crossed for all of you. You cat will be in my thoughts.

Kind Regards