12 November 2008

Free Range Kids

Anyone else stumbled across this blog? It is great and I read an article in Readers Digest (yes, Dr waiting room LOL) today about Lenore Skenazy, who writes the blog.

A short summary:

When I wrote a column for The New York Sun on “Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Take The Subway Alone,” I figured I’d get a few e-mails pro and con.

Two days later I was on the Today Show, MSNBC, FoxNews and all manner of talk radio with a new title under my smiling face: “America’s Worst Mom?”

Yes, that’s what it took for me to learn just what a hot-button this is — this issue of whether good parents ever let their kids out of their sight. But even as the anchors were having a field day with the story, many of the cameramen and make up people were pulling me aside to say that THEY had been allowed to get around by themselves as kids– and boy were they glad. They relished the memories!


Susan said...

I remember playing alone at that age, being able ot walk the streets, go to friends alone and to the milk bar etc.
Actually i would have been a good bit younger than 9!

I have a 9 yr old daughter and I DO let her play in the park by herself and one or two friends (the park is one house away) and I let her and her younger siblings go to the milk bar without me and the 9 yr old has walked to the shops alone and back. All the kids walk to the neighbours for plays without me.

I try to give them this freedom, teach them to be risk takers I say! Must admit I do still worry but I think what they gain form the freedom is more important!

Plus there is risk in every little thing we do in life.

Belinda said...

I hope you enjoy that I have nominated you for an award

Kebeni said...

Although I grew up in a town of around 350 people we had the run of the place and basically had to be for dinner. I would love that for my kids.

Belinda thank you so much. I will respond and elect some more recipients tomorrow.