24 November 2008

Enough already!!

Yes, this is the cat who ate cotton and had stitches. Well, his wound had been looking a bit weepy so I had bathed it and when I took him back to get the stitches out today the vet freaked. He has been overcleaning and caused the fold of skin to unfold from the wound and part of the wound (about an inch) hadn't fused together at all. A big gaping wound once the stitches were cut. Soooooo, he had to stay and have the wound flushed and restitched. The vet said, "well you should have put a collar on him (like in picture)" I wasn't to know that and perhaps he should have mentioned it (his nurse agrees). So, the boy is on anti-biotics and walking backwards. Gotta admit that is hilarious. Not a happy chappy at all.

I can do with out the dramas though.

Beren is now home from hospital. He had his tonsils and adenoids removed and grommits inserted in his ears. Poor boy, today he is feeling a bit more human but has been in a lot of pain from his throat.
He was refusing to leave the hospital because "they are nice mum and give me lots of jelly, icecream and icypoles when I ask". I have been spoiling him too though, lots of dvd/tv and jelly, icecream, icypoles and cuddles.

You know some people are truly weird. There was a 4yo girl in the same room at the hospital. She was clearly very hyper, emotional and as much as I hate to say it very manipulative of her folks. Both parents were there and from what I can gather they had been there for a couple of days trying to work out what was wrong with said child. they were lamenting at how hyper she is and that she never sleeps, eats very little and pretty much climbs the walls. She had stomach complaints and temps etc
So, what would you feed a child like this? Obviously chips, lollies, chocolate, soft drink, or so it would seem. I was amazed at the junk they pumped into this kid. When she was being a bit noisy around 9ish that night they bribed her into bed with chocolate. HELLLOOOOO???????????
First thing the next morning she had lollies while she waited for dad to get back with her packet of cherrios for breakfast. They really seemed hesitant to leave the hospital too, which was strange. The doc said nothing wrong, no tests came back with anythign and they had pumped antibiotics into her and yet they were still pushing for a stay. Her mum even had her own ear temp thing and was taking her temp constantly, both ears as well. scary really!

As for us, well I must say this little adventure with Beren has been an education for me. I am deeply saddened/angry/furious/disapointed (take your pick) that even though his father (and I use this term very loosely) didn't agree with have the operation he didn't bother to ask which hospital or even call and ask how B was or how it went. I cannot begin to fathom how this could be. Even if I didn't agree I would still want to be there and know how he was. I have never blogged about my ex husband but this takes the cake. He is truly the most selfish, waste of oxygen I have ever known.
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missymoo84 said...

How rude of his 'sperm donor' (a word I have used a lot with the boys one)! That is just so not on. Men just don't get it sometimes do they!!??! hugs to you.

And as for the girl in the hospy and her parents... they need some serious guidance!!

belinda said...

((Hug to Beren))
((Hug to You))

Good Luck to the cat.

I sure hope those parents get some professional help themselves.. reading that I am so disturbed.

Kind Regards