05 January 2009

A day with the off spring

My kids are home with me (for 3 days anyway). Today we went out for lunch and bought a new battery for Berens santa gift watch then we went to see Bolt! Surprisingly quite good and lots of laughs, kids loved it.
My lovely boy child is more than content with one photo unlike someone else.....

Girl child insisted on wearing a white shirt today because she wanted to look like a doctor LOL I think more like Audrey Hepburn playing a doctor. Oh, and she isn't a poser at all LMAO!!

Weather is horribly hot here at the moment. I just hate the heat and it may as well be 40 for all I care, even if it is only 27 or so. Had planned to go to Collingwood Childrens Farm tomorrow but if it is going to be too hot I am not sure. Might end up doing Melbourne Aquarium or the ferry to Williamstown perhaps.
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