06 January 2009

Doing the tourist thang!

Today was hot! But what a great day.
First we got the train from Mitcham into Flinders Street Station....

Then we boarded one of the Melbourne River Cruise Ferries.......

We saw a bridge.....
and another bridge .......... Did you know that there are 67 bridges crossing the Yarra River!

and we saw some big ships!
Entertained the crowds at the park in Williamstown. And no, we didn't go to Williams House even though Beren did ask LOL

Entertained themselves!

Saw some toys for grown ups

and then saw a creche for grownups

and finally caught another ferry back to South Gate where we indulged in some absolutely heavenly gelato from Trampoline then got the train home.

Oh, and not to forget the swans who hissed and tried to bite the silly passenger in front of us on the ferry LOL

Finally, to finish off the day a fun game of pipeline, highly recommend this one!

1 comment:

Meagan said...

The Southbank/Williamstown ferries are so cool! And OMG - Trampoline, yummmmm Vanilla Bean is my fave!