02 February 2009

long time no see huh!

Thought I should pop in and write a quick post to let you all know I am still alive. :)

We are currently in Bicheno, on the east coast of Tasmania. Staying with my folks for another couple of days then heading up to Launceston to stay with friends for 2 nights before moving into our new house.

Weather has been extraordinary hot, much like everywhere else in the Southern States. Fortunately we have a gorgeous beach on our door step and a river only 5 minutes away.

Kids are starting to get a little stir crazy as most of their stuff is with removalists but they will survive I am sure. I have almost exceeded my quota of parental patience LOL and am ready to go somewhere is.

the local health centre has a garage sale/opshop type thing. Bloody huge shed filled to the rafters with stuff and opens a few times a year for a huge garage sale. You can ring them and pop in for a look if you are after something or want to donate something. I have scored big though and the best thing is it is over the road from my parents house ROFL HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!

I got a retro 50's dressing table and bedside table, two great wooden stools and an ironing board all for $40! Can you imagine it! Going to leave a list of what I am after with the lady there so she can keep her eye out . Still need some chest of drawers and a dining suite.

I have heaps to write and stacks and stacks of pics but they can wait until I am back on broadband, dodgy old dial up is just too slow for pics I am afraid.

Been getting heaps of knitting done which is good. Working on a lacy wrap atm and pretty impressed with it so far.
Missing friends and excited about new beginnings, Kellixxxxx


Jack said...

Bicheno is a lovely town.

Belinda said...

Nice to see you around again. I hope things go well with your next move and settle.

Kind Regards

chocolatetrudi said...

You don't need pics to tell us how you're going! Glad to hear you're enjoying the local attractions - that op shop would be the undoing of me. Hope the moving in goes smoothly and the weather cools down in time.

Bel said...

Fantastic photos! Lovely keeping up with your news via the blog. Much love xx