18 February 2009


My folks came and spent the night last night. So nice having them driving distance away. The middle pic is them and my gorgeous friend Janine. The others are the kids ofcourse. Bottom right is Nienna setting out her clothes for tomorrow. She STARTS KINDER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where has my baby gone, I got quite teary watching her do this. She is soooooooo excited. Over here the kinders are part of the public school system so Nienna is in a classroom across from Beren's.

Beren is loving his new school, surprising considering that he didn't want to go back at the end of last year. Mind you he is finding the decision making required in grade one very challenging; today he was faced with who to marry, Brittany or Lauren LMAO He seems quite popular as kids are constantly saying hi to him as we go to and from school.

We are 5 minutes from Janine and it is the first time in 18yrs we have lived in the same town so we are spending our wise years together. I am truly grateful for this and feel so peaceful having someone who 'gets' me so totally nearby. We have over 20yrs of history and memories so far. Her eldest is 20yrs and I love her as if she were my own child. She now has her own 18mth old, Bailley who is a delightful little girl and I feel priveledged to be able to watch her grow too.

As I sit here in my 'study' I heard Beren ask Nienna how to spell her name. I stopped typing to listen as she spelled out N-I-E-N-N-A! How surprised am I and proud. My kids are just divine and play so well together now it is lovely to sit and listen to them. We are growing so much as a family of three individuals.
This week Nienna started at the uni creche that is run by Lady Gowrie Centre, she has settled in perfectly and made friends already. The staff gush over her and are amazed at her social skills, my little butterfly.

The children's father has seen fit to follow us here. His mother gave him money to get here, seems easier to handball him somewhere else than deal with him. He is currently homeless and camping who knows where. He hired a caravan on the weekend so he could have the children. Apparently he is too busy to actually look for somewhere to live yet. Not sure how long the kids will tolerate this and they didn't seem too happy about no house and having to spend time in a caravan. We will see.... All I can do is shake my head in disappointment. I am beyond shock now when it comes to him.

I had an orientation at Uni today and feel very excited about it all. I am enrolled as a BA student but will transfer to Social Work or Social Science after 2 yrs as required. Mind you I have applied for a community Development job with Playgroup Tasmania that sounds perfect so will defer if I get that. oooh, before I forget I also picked up two of my required texts at the opshop for $12 rather than $135. I can hear you swearing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The photos with the circled faces look pretty cool huh! For some reason I was walking around with an empty toilet roll when taking the photos and put it over the lense of my camera and experimented with it. I had to turn the flash off but I thought they looked pretty funky.

I have heaps of posts and have tried post dating them so they come out over the next few days. So as not to clog up your readers.
Missing everyone and hanging for Kevies $$$$ to book myself a flight back to Melb for BWS in July! WOOHOO

Anyway, this weekend we are off to the Symphony Under the Stars which should be great!

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missfee said...

so happy that all is going well and the photos look great!!!!

Spiralmumma said...

I was thinking about you earlier, wondering how Tassie is going. Sounds wonderful, especially the uni and school stuff. In a way I guess it's nice for the kids that their dad is over there too, but yeah..I so hear you on the frustration with him; it's something I am all too familiar with :|

Looking forward to hearing how uni is going, take care :)