02 March 2009

ahhhh, new bed

well, not really NEW as such. The base is antique blackwood and just lovely and the mattress is new. I have downsized from a QS to a Double but I really wanted this bed. It was at a garage sale and I got both base and mattress for $250 so not bad! Very comfy although a tad high atm. I need to pull the base apart and rearrange the slats that have been put in.

I also got a HUGE bookshelf for the kids room at the same place and now they can access all their toys etc without climbing over cane baskets to get to other cane baskets. Forgot to take a pic but it looks good. I scored some wicker baskets for the shelves from a cane outlet store for $7 each so will gradually pick up some more for the shelves. Very handy and neat.
The house is slowly coming together.

I went to ecosalve (tip shop) on the weekend and got a full tin of acrylic paint for $9 so have started repainting some old shelves. I also want to paint the walls in my bedroom but need to contact agent first for permission. I don't think I could do any worse than it already is.

As you can see it quite ghastly with blotches of blue on the pink. most of the rooms have the measles LOL and very tacky wall paper freezes in floral. NOICE!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!

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KatinSpace said...

kell that is a beautiful bed frame! beaaaaaaaaaaautiful. good score.