04 March 2009


I did the groceries and had a huge (savoury) bake. I made 4 pies (pic2), 2 quiches, 2 noodle pies (pic 1), a shepherds pie and a large lasagne. All for the freezer and tomorrow I hope to do a good amount of muffins, cakes etc for the freezer for school snacks and a couple of casseroles.

I must confess that I am really concerned that working full time will exhaust me and I will get unwell in regards to the FMS more than anything. That is part of the reason for me suddenly stocking the freezer, so when I am tired I can just re-heat dinner.

Actually having to be up and organised and ready is going to be a shock to the system. As it is now we are usually late for school drop off more days than not and it doesn't really really matter but as of Tuesday we (um, I) will have to be on the ball. I have been setting my alarm for earlier each day this week to work myself up to it LOL

The photos in this post are courtesy of Beren LOL by the way. I am thinking of buying him his own camera for his birthday in July, he really loves taking photos and I think he would like it.

These are the shelves in the kids room now. The metal one is one of the three that I got at the hardware store for $30 each. Easy to assemble, very sturdy with no sharp edges. Great, cheap storage solution. I have two in my study as well.
The second pick is the new bookcase I got at a garage sale and has the baskets I mentioned in my last post. Looks good huh!
You can see thru the door way to the hall. It is great that it is quite wide up the bedroom end of the house so the kids doll house sits on a wicker basket out there that you can just see and Niennas art table is currently out there too. The hall to the right leads to the front door and one end door of the lounge. My room is left of the kids room and study is opposite the wicker basket. Further down that hall is the bathroom then the kitchen at the end.
As the kids won't set their beds up as bunks yet I am thinking of swapping them for a double ensemble I have in the garage. Ithink it will take up less room but will have to measure first to see.

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Meagan said...

Nice cook up :) I wish I was as motivated! Looks as though you've landed on your feet which is great to see, although you are missed.

BTW I've tagged you http://bowenvale321.blogspot.com/2009/03/seven.html