15 March 2009

Bicheno Rockpool

Catching up with some posts here. Been a bit busy this week with starting work and trying to establish some sort of routine.
On the long weekend we went to Bicheno and stayed with the folks. On the Sunday the was the Bicheno Rockpool music festival. It was awesome and what a view! The kids stayed for an hour or so then I took them home and returned to have adult time with some lovely friends.
The music was awesome! Tasmania sure has some great musicians and seeing young performers with so much talent was wonderful. This band in the pic is from Bicheno and called "Five fat guys that rock Ted Koops", interesting name. The guy on the far left is an old friend and is in a few bands and plays solo too. Other bands that played were Blue Cow, Ray Singline and the Trawl Dogs, The Belchers, The Feral Cats, Kate Pearce, Toby Garrett, Jake Kain and more.
Kirsty and Ian. Kirsty and I started working at Qantas at the same time and became firm friends. This was the first time we had seen each other since they returned from living in The Netherlands so was a lovely reunion

The kids enjoyed their company too. Especially Ian as he is a big kid!
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