15 March 2009

Four days and all I've broken is my computer!

I am loving my job! I feel as though I have found 'my place'. At the moment all I am doing is introducing myself to the Community Development networks in Tas and starting to collate info on what PGT is currenting doing so I can then get a picture of gaps in services etc. Am off to Hobart for two days next week. One will be spent at a seminar of volunteer recruiting and the other day spent in meetings with council and a couple of community houses.
On Saturday I helped out the Launceston Playgroup Tas team set up a playgroup at the Great Duck Race.

I only stayed a couple of hours but as I was leaving the rain started, and oh boy! It poured and I got drenched, I only hope they managed to stay a bit dry under the marquee.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching a dvd, doing some knitting and playing with beads and stuff. Today, I baked 4 dozen muffins for the freezer, stewed about 6kg of organic plums and made some record bowls. I am having a stall at an easter market in Bicheno and plan to put some succulent cuttings in some of the bowls and leaving some others as is. It is fun making them.

This afternoon Beren had arranged a play date with a class mate who we discovered lives two door up from us. Luck would have it that he has a little sister Nienna's age, who is in the other kindy class on the same day. the kids had a great time and played really well together. Here they are hosting a puppet show. They made tickets and everything and the boys did the show while us gals sat and watched.

I have been test running our wood heater this weekend too. Very nice I might add!It has vents behind it into the hallway too which is great as it will warm my office space nicely.

Currently reading Trudi Canavan's latest epic, The Magician's Apprentice
This is a prequel to her Black Magician trilogy and is proving to be as entertaining and brilliant as the trilogy is. If you haven't read her books but like fantasy I thoroughly recommend them.

I hope to get more organised and with it after a few weeks and won't be so neglectful. I have been knitting but haven't taken any pics, must do so soon or people will begin to wonder if I have stopped all together. Definitely not enough hours in the day any more.

Ooh, almost forgot. If you are wondering what the title meant, on Friday I thought I would be clever and put a picture of the kids on my desk top at work. Easy you say, and so I thought. However, we work on a remote server so have to log in twice and get a different window up that then has all our email and file storage etc. This is the desktop I put the pic on but it then went blank and I couldn't even right click to remove the picture, thus couldn't access a damn thing and just ended up having an early mark for the day. The IT guy was out woop woop and didn't have phone coverage and I was the only one in the office. DOH! Hope it is fixed now !

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