25 April 2009

Beauty Point

Beauty Point is on the Western side of the Tamar heading North. It is a small town that is home to some of the Australian Martime College, seahorse world, Platypus house and next to the town of Beaconsfield and the Beaconsfield Gold Mine Museum

Beren and went on a field trip last Sunday for the day. First stop was the Platypus House. This was awesome and so informative. I must say the information Beren could give me about Platypus and Echidnas was astounding, where do they learn so much stuff!
Did you know that baby Platypus are called 'puggles' how cute is that. The house are trying to breed the platypus and the echidna as they are both susceptible to disease and numbers are decreasing. the echidna was just gorgeous and we were able to sit down and have them come up to us. This was the favourite for both of us.

Next stop was Seahorse World, now don't let the tacky, plastic and just plain horrible souvenir shop turn you off. Inside is well worth the visit. It is very informative and the sea horse are just adorable. they really love attention and are great show offs!
Did you know that the male sea horse carry the babies and give birth! Pretty cool huh.
They have a huge breeding program here and as you can see in the pics there are masses of the little critters, thousand in a tank.
The rest of the day we spent at the water front, me reading while Beren turned over rocks and found crabs with a bunch of other kids down there. It was lovely to see him interacting so freely.
We didn't do the mine museum but did stop under the Batman Bridge. I love the angles of this bridge and Beren just loved the name of it LOL
We took lots of photos then headed home. This is all just an hour away from where we live too

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