25 May 2009


So I saw Meagan had joined this Australian Blogging site and thought I would join too as it looks like fun but not too busy like some you see.

when I was growing up I think I wanted to be a marine biologist for a while, which isn't surprising seeing that I grew up on the beach. I guess winter set in and I soon became an avid designer of abodes and would spend hours and hours drawing house plans, my dream of the moment was to become an architect and design perfect homes for perfect little families.

After this came the "I want to travel the world and discover history" phase. Yup, archaeology and with it came fossils and dirt and hard work.......needless to say it didn't last for long (but did re-emerge in my 20's for a bit).

I am not sure when these phases passed but I know I kind of cruised through my teen years with very little ambition other than to survive boarding school and do as little as possible. LOL

I never actually saw any of my childhood dream careers come to fruition. I have worked in hospitality from dish washer to events manager, worked for Qantas, did hairdressing for a bit, worked with the agriculture dept in Tassie, a vet research assistant, teacher aide and done a whole lot of study.

Now I work in community development and love it, finally at 41 I found my niche!

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