24 May 2009


As you can see I have been playing again LOL Found the link to this blocker background site on a blog I read and decided to have a go. It is so easy even I couldn't break it!

Still need a new header but that can wait.

My week has been busy as usual, on Monday I drove up to Wynyard on the NW coast to visit with one of our consultants and to deliver a new work van to her. Was lovely to finally meet her as we have only talked on the phone previously.
I had to hire a car to come back home in and it was a Nissan Tiida, very nice I might say and it has now gone on my list of potential new cars. My usual work car is an Astra which, although economic etc I just don't feel completely comfortable with and it doesn't have cup holders. Small thing I know but when I am leaving at 7am I need a cup holder for my mocha!

Lots of meetings this week, mostly internal and very little else done due to my work computers committing suicide continually, I have had 2 die and it is shitting me big time! Friday, I hit the road again and went to St Helens for a family resources expo and launch of a new family resource directory then headed South to Bicheno for a meeting with the school principal to discuss potential partnership projects with him. A pretty successful day in all. Best thing, I stayed with my folks without kids on Friday which was nice :)

Drove home yesterday at a leisurely pace and am enjoying a quiet and restful weekend. Kids get home from their 'dad' this afternoon.

Haven't been doing much on the craft from other than churning out squares and triangles for Nienna's quilt. I bought a shit load of wool last year to make both kids a knitted blanket and since I don't have time or concentration to do anything more than a square this is the perfect time to start it.

I do feel my pace is more than hectic and hope that once the organisation gets 'organised' again and we work out what we are doing management wise my work load will decrease again. Since the CEO left I have had to pick up her workload as well as maintaining my own so interesting times have been had. Overall though I am really happy with what I am doing and believe it is a positive time for PGT.

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missfee said...

I like the new look and the picture is really cute.

As long as the wool isn't taunting you it will keep for when you have some more time.