19 August 2009


the Launceston Cataract Gorge is a beautiful spot. It has a lovely park area, playground , swimming pool and waterholes. Great walks with cafe, restaurant, kiosk, peacocks and fernery. Spectacular place for tourist and local alike. The river used to run wild and ferociously all the time, then further up the river they built a dam and tamed the water. As you can see in the picture in the linked website it is pretty tame and green.

However, at least a couple of times during winter, after some good rainfall it floods and boy has it rained here lately, streets and towns in flood and the Gorge a sight to behold. the photos don't really do it justice as you can't hear the roar of the water and it races down the river for freedom. The kids were gobsmacked as they have only ever been there during summer. I think I prefer it when it is wild and untamed.

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