19 August 2009

The Parental Units

I think I might be too late for this weeks Blog This challenge but going to blog anyway. Haven't kept up with the challenges very well due to other committments but this week sees me home with bronchitis and flu so not much else to do really but knitting and netting.

This is my mum in her early 20's. I like this picture cos she isn't being serious and that doesn't happen often. The challenge asks for a memory of your folks. A fond one of my mum is one where she climbed into bed with me and held me in her arms. I was in my early 30's and had survived an attempt on my own life. No words were said, or could be really but from a mum who I didn't feel overly close to these actions were enough.

I like this photo of my dad. It is quite old as he looks like he has hair under that hat LOL and I wonder what he was thinking about too. He was a fisherman when I was growing up and I idolised him. One of my favourite memories is waking in the wee hours (around 3.30am) to the sound of him stirring his coffee as he ate breakfast before going out on the boat. If it was the weekend or holidays i would quietly get dressed and tiptoe out to him, batt my eyelids and he would just nod. This meant I could go out with him on the boat for the day. This was a big thing because I would puke pretty much the whole time, and be a complete PITA but he still let me and I still loved just watching him and being with him. Another great memory is the treks he and I used to do up Friendly Beaches at Freycinet National Park after there had been a big storm. There would be sea kelp piled high along the beach and we would find all kinds of treasures as we walked for miles, including live crayfish that would become dinner.

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