14 August 2009

my folks

I have been scanning in all the old family photos and trying to preserve them as they had been kept in old sticky albums. thought I would start sharing some of them. The first was taken around 1964 I think. Very attractive couple. My mum would have been about 18 or so and my dad about 23.

Their wedding was in October 1965. My dad looks like he has Italian heritage and still does with quite olivey skin. His fathers family comes from Germany about 3 generations back and very little is known about his family really so not sure.

My grandparents with my mum. All my grandparents have passed. My nanna was a beautiful person and I only ever knew her. She died when I was 20 and was an older mum as she had my mum in her 40's.
The happy couple again. Must be something as they are still together and I would say happily married. they are both becoming grumpy olds but seem to fit well together.
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