10 September 2009

Another year older

and I like to think I have expanded my wisdom bank a tad more. I should bloody well hope so at least! Another busy week but a fun one. Last weekend my folks came up and stayed for the weekend with us which was nice. We went out for dinner on the Saturday night to a local fish and chip joint that is very yummy! On Sunday we celebrated fathers day and my birthday early as I would be away on the actual day. I was very spoilt and received lots of lovely gifts and homemade cards from the kids. A gorgeous weekend all round.
On Monday I flew to Brisbane for work, the lovely Shona collected me at the airport and we went to Tangled Yarns to visit the lovely Kelly and to check out her beautiful store. It is so nice to go into a yarn store that is light and airy and welcomoing and best of all HAS PRICES!!!!! After my Melbourne trip and this one I can officially say I failed the self imposed yarn diet LOL I had an all day meeting on Tuesday and then met up with friends on Tuesday night. We went out for dinner and then I stayed with my gorgeous friend Becky who dropped me at my hotel on Wednesday after a morning cuppa and chat with Jo and Kathi (who came for dinner previous night). it was so nice to see Kathi and Becky again and to finally meet Jo (and Shona and Kelly) in the flesh. We have all chatted online for 5-7 years and formed so really lovely friendships through our likeminded philosophies. Wednesday I checked into the hotel near the airport ready for my ooober early flight home today then I bussed it into Southbank to check out the museum and the Leonardo DaVinci exhibition. Only had a very brief scout around the museum and then went down to the exhibit and was very impressed. Crap venue for it but the contents made up for it. I had no idea he had done so much, he truly was a man before his time. I thoroughly recommend you go see it if you get the opportunity.
I then got a bus back into the city and had a wander around then a train back out to the airport hotel.

So now I am finally back home, exhausted, coughing and a sore throat but feeling quite relaxed. I had a meeting this after noon and think I will take tomorrow off to rest and try to shake this chest flu I seem to be carrying around with me permanently.

thankyou to all who sent me a happy birthday wish, I logged into Facebook after a few days off and was inundated with well wishes. Such a lovely surprise.

I almost forgot, on Thursday my boss handed me a magazine article that I had loaned him and in it was an envelope with a card. It was a thankyou card for all the hard work I have done and a gift voucher to my hairdressers! I was in shock and tears (yes I am a sook) and touched by the generosity and kind thoughts. I am in a good place at the moment I think and am counting my blessings :)


missfee said...

Happy birthday -what a great visit - hope you have had a great birthday xxx missfee

chocolatetrudi said...

Happy Birthday! Just been catching up on your blog. Some lovely knitting in there, and wow - Cataract Gorge in flood!