04 September 2009

madness round here I tell you

This week saw me in Melbourne for work. I went 2 days early and caught up with some friends which was awesome, and fell off the yarn diet wagon (ho hum). Here are some of the lovelies.....

I also went to an awesome seminar on Monday. It was called Mastery of Membership and I thought it would be a bit 'motivational' but it was brilliant and I really hope I can use a lot of the info I gained.

This weekend my folks are coming to spend with us, we will celebrate my birthday early as I head to Brisbane early Monday morning for 3 days for work once again. This time for a meeting with staff from all the other states and territories which will be great. Nice to put some names to faces and swap stories, ideas etc

oh, my daughter turned into shapeshifter and became a giraffe

I saw a beautiful rainbow, well there were three but only one was bright enough to snap a shot of. It was so vibrant against the black backdrop of a stormy sky

More weather........this time snow on Mt Wellington. Lots of it and the photos don't do the beauty justice but as I was driving at the time I feel I am excused.
So in a few posts that has been my couple of weeks. I also got vomitted on by Nienna at 1am this morning, had my hair cut and coloured AND was the recipient of a beautiful card and gift voucher from my boss and the committee to say thanks for all the hard work I have been doing. This of course made me cry but also feel very appreciated :) Um, my tummy feels unsettled so I hope I am not catching whatever it was Nienna puked over me LOL
Off to watch torchwood and do some knitting.

Oh and before I forget one of the highlights of my past week...........

yes!!! my pretties :) The gorgeous incubator, ergh I mean Charlotte made me some lovelies for my feet, hand dyed, 8ply bendigo and just divine.

and just when you there it was over.............. one more indulgence.....this made by the beautiful Shannon for my birthday, a Noro scarf! not sure what breed of noro but it is pretty and soft and lush... I am so spoilt :)

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