15 November 2009

recovery mode

I am in recovery mode (once again), although it would seem I never get to fully recover before getting knocked down again! I have even moved my bedroom around in the hope that the Feng Shui gods smile down on me.
This time I have been bed ridden (and almost hospitalised) with strep throat. FAR OUT BRUSSEL SPROUT!! I had an annoying sore throat last Monday morning, by Monday night I had to write a note for Beren to read over the phone to mum asking her to come asap. By the time my folks got here early Tuesday morning I had a fever averaging 40c and could not speak or swallow (had to spit saliva out!!) and was struggling to breath. My dad got me to the doctor who immediately gave me a double shot of penicillin and said if my throat didn't go down I would have to go to hosp. Fortunately the throat went down but I was back in two days latter when I started to worsen again. Am now on liquid penicillin for 2 wks and hope to kill it. Still sore and exhausted and suffering from unsavory side effects of penicillin. Have to head back to work tomorrow as I just can't afford any more time off. What is with this friggin illness thing? I swear I have been more ill this year since moving to Tas than the whole time I was in Melbourne. Give me some smog for gods sake!

On the depression front, have had a lot of thinking time and started seeing a counsellor. Am slowly increasing medication again and going to see a Doc in Hobart who treated me years ago when I lived there and is happy to do so again. I am accepting the fact that I need to be on medication and probably will be for the rest of my life, it is better than the alternative that is for sure. Still not happy about my work situation and will work on that this week I think.

Anyway, didn't get any knitting done unfortunately but had started this little fella earlier and finished him today. HE is a sock monkey, very cute! and destined for my work christmas party for my boss :)

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Spiralmumma said...

Oh wow full on. Sorry to hear you have been so unwell :( Hope you are feeling much better soon.

I hear you on the depression front. Whether or not to go back on ADs (after 10 years on them and 3 or 4 months off)is always at the forefront of my mind, but I am resisting for now. I certainly believe though that there is most definitely a place for them, and it is infinitely preferable to the alternative.

Take care xx

belinda said...

Good Luck and Best Well Wishes,

You have made an awful lot of changes in your life this year. Even good stress is stress and immune systems aren't so fond it long term. I hope you successfully get things a bit more balanced for yourself.

Kind Regards

Katt said...

you poor things!! i hope you are feeling much better real soon! hugs to you.

Launceston is shocking for smog in winter..you want more? lol

i agree with Belinda. you have gone through a lot of changes in the past 12mths, it can all stress out your immune system.