08 November 2009

Was it Kamahl who asked?

Why are people so unkind? I sit here and ask myself that same question tonight. Tonight my five year old daughter is somewhat traumatised and my seven year old son is asking why there are people out there who are so mean and I have no answer for him.

As much as I have issues with my ex-husband, their father I still believe that he deserves kindness and respect. A few months ago, two days after he moved into a house in a not so savoury, housing commission suburb here in Launceston . Someone took it upon themselves to knife all the tyres on his car and break the side mirrors. That was a pretty horrible thing to do and we were all shocked.

Last week he finally got his car back on the road, new tyres, mirrors and rego (with help from his mum) and last night someone (or group) firebombed it. No apparent reason, other than it seems to be a popular past time in this suburb lately.
This is a suburb that is reknown for it's "dodgyness" yet has no full time police presence, very rare patrolling of police and from what I can gather a general sense of "can't be fucked " by the police. These same police who attended last night and said there was no real chance of finding who was doing this, didn't question any neighbours as to whether they have seen anything one and couldn't be bothered looking for fingers prints because "we probably won't find any". Not good enough I say!

Now don't get me wrong. I am not doing a turn about on my thougths regarding my ex, however I don't believe ANYONE deserves this. He will not advocate for himself as he is incapable of it due to anxiety/depression but I sure as hell am not going to leave it at this.

I mean what happens next, they have no car to destroy so they throw a petrol bomb into the house where my kids could be? My kids didn't wake to the fire truck/police and exploding tyres but were upset enough to ask me to go pick them up first thing this morning (when normally they want to stay longer!). I am really torn about leaving them there again as I worry for their safety and just how much trauma they can take.
What is with this fucked up society we live in? What prompts a person/people to think hey, there is a car in excellent nick, lets completely fuck it up!

I doubt it was a personal attack at A (who really knows) but more of a random act of senseless violence.

One that upset a little boy who's birthday present soccer ball is now a melted mound of goop.

One that causes a little girl to sob anxiously that she can't get the picture of the burnt car out of her head and she doesn't want to keep seeing it, will they come back mummy?


Belinda said...

I like you really don't understand how anyone feels they have the right to damage the property of others. Seen too much of it recently and it leaves me to wonder what triggers this level of rage.

Good Luck in deciding what to do.

Kind Regards

Char said...

thats just awful :( ((hugs)) I have no answers.. just hugs! c xx

Eilleen said...

I am so so sorry Kelli. Wishing you strength and peace to the children.

I am so sad that there will are people around who do this - it must be awful being them but it is also awful being affected by them.

Katt said...

if the dodgy area is the one i am thinking of beginning with R, i have a friend who recently had to move from there after her house was set alight and she lost everything. she had also been beat up at the supermarket there. its a horrid area and no way in hell i would ever live there.

hugs to your kids Kelli. i hope they are able to get past this soon and that your ex can get himself moved to a better area.