02 November 2009

Today we...........

Went to Corralynn. Not sure what direction out of Launceston it is (maybe North East) but about 15 minutes from our place and lovely. It seems people forget about it or choose not to frequent because it is never busy there. It is kind of like a crossroads of the river. the kids loved it!

when we got home we decided to plant the summer veg and tidy up the veg patch. We planted corn, tomatoes, lettuce, beetroot (redbeet), carrots and strawberries.


Katt said...

goodness its been years and years since i have been to Corralynn!!

isnt it great to get summers veggie patch in :)

belinda said...


I have to say I really miss not living near the water any more.

Kind Regards

Katt said...

just popped piccies up of my veggie patch and all the fruit trees if you wanna head over to my blog to have a lookie.

Elissa said...

It looks like a lovely place, a little secret world!