01 February 2010

catch up post numero uno

Well it has been over a month since I last blogged. What with Christmas, being away and then accidently killing my computer not much has been happening on the technology side of things around here.
Figured I would do this in a series of collages to make it faster and less painful for all involved. We went to Bicheno to the parental/grandparental unit's house for Christmas. The children were thoroughly spoilt (which isn't all that common so a nice treat for them). Nienna was beside herself when she got her baby born doll and all it's clothing and accessories (Beren thought it quite cool too mind you!). They received a lot of joint gifts like totem tennis, domino tornado and a swimming pool. The latter they didn't know about until we got back to Launceston on Boxing Day night. Even Bear (mums dog) got in on the Christmas action!

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