21 February 2010

Evandale Village Fair

Yesterday we went to Evandale Village Fair. This is an annual event that attracts not only many interstate travellers but also international. I had never been before and thought it might be something the kids would really enjoy, I know now that one must have an avid interest in either vintage cars, steam engines or pennyfarthing bikes to really make the most of the event LOL

It was super hot, super windy and bloody noisy! however, the kids did enjoy it for the most part but by mid afternoon they were tired and had had enough (thank the gods).
Photos for L-R and Top to Bottom:
1.who would have know you could ride side saddle on a bike LOL
2. cute vintage kids
3.Isn't my boy handsome, even when posing
4. three wise monkeys
5. totally absorbed by inspecting the leaf
6.cheeky monkeys watching the RSL pipe and drum band
7.RSL Pipe and Drum band who were playing highland music apparently
8.sunday shadows
9. a distinguished group if I ever did see, love the dudes socks
10. and old car, not dead either Nienna!
11. Seems the pub band was for the young
12. the national championship race
13.winner of the ungliest historical costume I reckon

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