24 February 2010

Guess who started cubs!




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Charlotte said...

Awesome, he will have a blast! You have inspired me to hurry up and find something similar for W. xx

Belinda from Australia said...

Hi saw your post on CJane and i always check out other Aussies.
Im in Lake Macquarie, which is just south of Newcastle in NSW.
My husband has travelled all around Tassie and loves it. I hope to visit one day myself.
Thanks, Belinda

Damaris said...

I found you via CJane. I really appreciated your thought provoking comment.

how's life in Australia? I've always wanted to go there.

ps. I love that your lable cloud has FAMILY in big. Seems like you've got your priorities straight.

Kebeni said...

Belinda, thank you for your comment. you should visit Tassie, it truly is a beautiful spot here

Kebeni said...

Damaris Life in Australia is very lucky and happy. Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog, don't be a stranger

Kebeni said...

Charlotte, I am hoping Beren will stick with it as it is hard to find something he is comfortable with. He doesn't do well in competitive activities and still finds it a bit difficult to socialise so I am so happy he is enjoying this. I hope Wm finds something too, perhaps you could find a cub group for him too