27 February 2010


Such a simple word really but such a big act. Or at least it would seem so. I read alot of blogs, I really love them and have a wide variety of my interests covered in the blogs I read. One particular blog I stumbled apon last year a friend posted a link to NieNie, a young American mum who had been burnt in a tragic small aircraft accident with her young husband. She has survived, despite the odds and battles pain, depression and countless other obstacles daily. I tell people about the young woman often as I am blown away by her courage and determination adn I truly admire her. But it isn't Stephanie (NieNie) who I am thinking about as I write this post, it is her sister Courtney. She too has a blog called CJane Enjoy It that I came across via NieNie's. I love reading this blog too for it's lighthearted content, great sense of humour and honesty. The other day CJane wrote a post that prompted well over 100 comments. Not all of these comments were nice. I was the first cab off the rank which in itself is odd because I don't often write comments (mostly due to time restraints and plain laziness ) but I felt compelled too. My comment in no way was written to criticise, simply an observation that one doesn't have to be Mormon to care; that what I read in the post simply was a caring and compassionate response to a person in need. Unfortunately many other commentors seem to feel that by CJane mentioning her religion means that she is saying that all other religions are inadequate or at least that is the way the comments came across. Subsequently it became an open slather mess.
The thing that still puzzles me the most is that somewhere along the line the Mormon religion started to be condemned for their attitude toward gay marriage and other stuff not the least relevant to the post in question.
I have to wonder, if all the commentors (most anonymous mind you) were sitting in a room together would they speak quite so 'loudly'. Does the written word excuse you from having respect some how? Can we write what we want because we don't have to see the recipients face? No guilt if you can turn your monitor off and walk away afterwards.

It saddens me that some people can call themselves Christians and say they live under this code of god yet they are so quick to judge others who follow a different (yet the same) code. What do I mean? Well, at the end of the day mormons, catholics, baptists and protestants all believe in the same god don't they. Now how they go about doing so may differ slightly but they all believe in the commandments and apparently live life as god would want them to yet I see all too often the need to put down other religions as if theirs is the only and the best. Maybe because I am a 'non believer' I don't get it but the way I see it it is one god so how can anyone be better than the other when you are all doing the same bloody thing. Of course mormons follow their own doctrine as well and yeah maybe non mormons don't get it and think it is a bit weird and all that but hey each to their own. Doesn't make them bad people does it? At the end of the day it is the one goal, to follow god.

I often wonder if this god does exist what does he think of all these people fighting in his name. Does he shake his head in dispair? does he wonder where he went wrong? Is it what he expected?

When you write something on the internet, write it then pause and read it a few times out loud. Would you say it to this person if they were in the room with you? Would you like it said to you?

Respect folks! You don't have to agree, hell you don't have to read even but you do need to respect each other.


Belinda from Australia said...

well, as you know i read both of those blogs. i too am a non-believer but i like to see what people are up to on the other side of this huge world.
As for the cruel comments made to cjane, in person they are weak, its only being anonymous do they think they have the right to say what they want, and usually with no respect to others. Feel free to follow my blog, its very uncontroversial lol.

i said...

what a fun web this internet is! i was searching about vermicomposting/fruit flies and came across your blog...then noticed the word mormon. it was soooo pleasant to read your entry about respect. i had read cjanes blog post, but never went to the comments....until i read your entry. OH MY! I read and read and read. I try not to think about all of the mud slinging that flies around. As a member of the LDS faith, I don't understand the hatred people have toward us as a church. I've been a member all my life and have never once been taught to have any manner of contempt for any other religion. I think so many religions have so many beautiful tenants. Your question for cjane was very understandable. I'm glad she clarified it for you. ;)
p.s. still trying to figure out what to do about my fruitflies. never got that far due to the tangent. ;)